Engaging patient bloggers & vloggers

Listening, sharing and co-creating with the online patient community

It starts and ends with real people, living real lives, trying to manage challenging health conditions. We know you never forget that and neither do we. That’s why engaging patient bloggers and vloggers can be a vital part of creating authentic, patient-led communications campaigns. They might not have the follower numbers of mainstream lifestyle influencers, but what they lack in mass reach they more than make up for in highly targeted and engaged followers who trust and rely on the shared experience and perspectives they impart.


Across diabetes, rheumatology, MS, cancer, psoriasis, we’ve teamed up with patient bloggers and vloggers to create award-winning campaigns. We know how to ethically partner with them to create and amplify campaigns that meet our client’s business objectives whilst respecting the spirit and purpose of their online communities. 


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