Inspired internal communications

Inspiring current and prospective employees

An organisation is the sum of its people… their collective capacity to deliver a valuable product or provide a useful service to the world. 

And when it comes to pharma or healthcare organisations that product or service is nothing short of lifesaving or, at the very least, life changing.

Like all organisations, companies in the healthcare sector want to attract and keep the best people but this can be challenging in a fast-moving, ever-changing environment of mergers, relocations, failures in pipelines or simply the tough, competitive market conditions.

Key to both recruiting great talent and ensuring high retention levels is the external and internal perception of you as an employer or your “employer brand”. 


At Red, we have huge amounts of experience in creating strong, engaging, motivating, internal communications programmes – bringing to life your organisation’s mission and promise and making true advocates of your employees.

The key is to both inform AND to involve… and to never, ever bore!

Internal communications can and always should be creative, inspirational and engaging no matter who you are as an organisation.  

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