Issues & crisis

Protecting reputations and promoting pharma’s perspective

Trials that fail, thwarted market access attempts, side effects that capture the media’s attention, and an inherent, yet unfair, scepticism of the motives of ‘big pharma’… there are crisis management flash points throughout a treatment’s lifecycle. Reputations carefully built over years can be eroded in minutes. With over 20 years of crisis communications experience under our belt, Red is trusted by some of the world’s largest companies to provide counsel when an unwelcome spotlight falls on their operations and products.  


We’ve helped address sensitive challenges on pricing, created balanced arguments on the need for access, and distilled the science into accessible communications to help responsibly convey the risk/benefit balance of new and old treatment options alike. The Red team is experienced at helping clients navigate hostile waters, from developing robust messaging and harnessing third party supporters, to training spokespeople to deliver salient on-message interviews.

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