Planning & evaluation

Insight Driven Approach & Business Impact Evaluation

A successful communications strategy must always be rooted in real world insights.

Derived from the status of current opinions, attitudes and behaviours, these insights reveal what or how things need to change for the desired outcome to be achieved. 

At Red, our in-house research and planning team gather insights from a range of sources: interviewing relevant opinion leaders and stakeholders; canvassing media opinion; analysing social platform conversations; as well as market research tools such as Mintel; and trendspotting organisations such as the Future Laboratory & Canvas8.

With our insights in place, we plan, develop and build clearly defining a razor-sharp strategy which forms the bedrock for creative brainstorming and then tactical planning. 

We also believe the evaluation of any campaign should be meaningful and understandable to everyone in the client’s business not just the comms people. Therefore it should…

  • link the desired comms outcomes to overall business objectives
  • include validation by an external contractor
  • incorporate the client’s existing evaluation data
  • demonstrate return on investment or value for money
  • ensure that lessons learnt are passed on for future campaigns
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