Social media

Mitigating the risk to embrace the potential of social

Social media has been around for less than 25 years yet it’s only in the last decade that pharma companies have started to embrace the social sphere. The realisation that it’s not an option to ignore it, even if the associated risk and regulatory concerns cause headaches, has led to social channel amplification becoming an important aspect for consideration when developing communications strategies. Whilst undoubtedly we need to mitigate risk in our highly regulated industry, there is an opportunity to learn from the success and failures of the consumer brands that have gone before us as we wrestle with when and how we deploy social.


From social media listening and monitoring, to channel setup and content creation, we’ve helped pharma clients develop smart and highly targeted strategies to get the most out of their social channels by helping them engage and connect with the right people, in the right way, at the right time. 

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